I’d like to fall in love immediately: Oviya talks about the 10 qualities she would look for in her man!

Oviya is clear with what she wants!

Oviya garnered thousands of fans through Bigg Boss Tamil hosted by Kamal Hassan. Since then, her fans have been thriving to see her onscreen. Although her movie ’90ML’ has received mixed review, she still manages to hold on to her huge fan base. Oviya;’s personal life on the other hand has been under scrutiny by the media for a while now. Is she dating Arav? Is she dating Simbu? We will never know until either of them or somebody else puts a ring on her.

However, during one of her recent interviews with Indiaglitz, Oviya talked about the 9 qualities she would look for in a man.  Here are the points:

  • I don’t like to date and go step by step. I would like to fall in love and vice versa – that should be the first and last step for me.
  • We all know that smoking is injurious to health, if my man likes smoking realising the dangers it comes with, it’s his wish then onward. I personally hate smoking. Imagine kissing a person after smoking. However, whatever he does, he must be open and honest about it. I hate hidden truths and lies.
  • He should be healthy but never a gym enthusiast as he would love his equipment more than me.
  • I would never want my man to spend a penny for me, I can take care of my own necessities and fulfill my own wishes. Fulfilling each other’s financial emergencies is fine though.
  • I hate gifts, so he need not buy anything materialistic for me. His love, attention, care and time is what I will be holding on to.
  • Any profession is fine as long as he loves what he does. He should never be lazy and lethargic.
  • He should have contrasting thoughts to mine. We must together explore every aspect of life with multiple thoughts.
  • I can never tolerate my partner letting me down. He shouldn’t suppress me. He should be understanding and supportive.
  • He needs to give me 30% of his time, since he has friends and family, giving me this amount of time is necessary.
  • He must learn to care for me.


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