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I Wanted To Tell People What Kind Of A Person I Am: Anuya!

Anuya opens up!

Anuya made a grand debut with the film ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ opposite Jiiva. She then rose to fame since then and planned to choose her scripts wisely. However, it didn’t go down well and apart from films like Nanban and Naan, there was not much for her to do. That is when the actress became controversial and was back on news after the famous #SuchiLeaks exposed her intimate pictures on social media.

In a recent interview with the Times of India, Anuya opened up about it. She said, “I actually opened up about the issue when it happened. But it got too messy after a point and I had to delete my Twitter account. People make all kinds of judgments and I realized I can’t shut everyone’s mouths. As an artist, you become so vulnerable. Technology is so advanced today that you can do all kinds of things, including misusing it. I know what the truth is. As long as I am honest with myself, I don’t have to worry.”

After getting into Bigg Boss, her identity changed and she told why this was important. She further added:

“I wanted to tell people what kind of a person I am in real life. Just because I played a character who endorses premarital sex in SMS or an evil role in Madurai Sambavam, it doesn’t mean that I am that kind of a girl. I have a different set of values. I am a trained actor who took up a proper acting course before I entered the industry. I played all these roles to the best of my knowledge. Considering that the audience has developed certain impressions about me, it was essential for me to appear on the show and tell people what kind of a person I am in real life. I knew the exposure will be big and needed the platform. This is one of the reasons why I took up the show,” begins Anuya.

Elaborating on the reality show, Anuya says, “People love seeing their stars. They have a certain perception about them. But when they see their favorite people being themselves, gossiping or getting into an argument on TV, their curiosity increases. Also, there is a lot of stuff that happens during a show which has a 24/7 camera set-up. Everything that has been shown on the show really happened.”

As much as it has given her the platform, the show has also been getting a lot of criticism, too. “The show will be a hit no matter what. But sometimes, I do feel that it teaches you the wrong things and spreads negative vibes. As a star, one needs to endorse the right values,” she says.

 But Anuya is not worried that she is out of the show so soon. “I knew that I will be evicted in a week or two. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t cry. The main rule in the house is that you have to speak Tamil. I am not too fluent in the language. So, I guess language became an issue for me. Nevertheless, I have learned Tamil as much as I could in a week’s time. I am a very friendly person. I could have stayed in that house even for three months despite not knowing the language, but it is a decision my fellow contestants and people took, so I have no hard feelings. I absolutely hold no grudges, and send back love to all the people who hate me,” she says.
Source: Times of India

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