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I Use Social Media Only For My Work: Pia Bajpai!

The actress was last seen in the short film, “The Virgins”

Everyone loves being famous isn’t, at least most of us do. We love having the spotlight on us. We like it when people follow us. It’s basic human nature that is why social media giants like Twitter and Facebook have such a successful business running. Because these give us the ground to become popular. You need not be a star, write a viral content or post a good meme and you are famous overnight.

Many use this to their advantage, people who haven’t been successful in the entertainment industry are still heard because of their social media presence and sometimes this attention gives them the success that they didn’t get once. Negative comments can also make you viral and popular these days. When there are celebrities who use social media for anything and everything, from updating about themselves to commenting on someone else, here is an actress who holds a different opinion.

Famous actress Pia, known from her works in films like Goa and Ko recently gave an interview to The Times of India. It is in this Interview that the actor says she does not use social media to defend or offend anyone. However, uses it only for the benefits out of it, like promoting her film.

The actress said, “I use social media only for my work. I only talk about my work and post my pictures; I never talk about others. I don’t want to be a social media warrior. I see people fight, abuse and there’s this bunch of social media armies to pull you down. I don’t get into that. I don’t give unnecessary statements on social media”.

Although there are people who gossip about her, the actress says she does not bother to answer them. Interestingly, for someone who doesn’t like this drama, she was invited to be part of the most dramatic house in Television – Bigg Boss. The actress recalls, “I got a call to be a part of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’. Though I have done quite a few films in Tamil, I haven’t paid much attention to the language. I am not fluent in Tamil; I just understand the language. I will look like a fool in the house without knowing the language and hence, said no to the proposal”.

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