I Respect Her For Who She Is: Mugen Rao Opens Up About Abhirami!

Mugen Rao talks about his journey from Malaysia to Bigg Boss!

Mugen Rao and Tharshan were one another’s tough competition but they were both best of friends and had a rather large fanbase coming from two different countries. However, after Tharshan’s unfortunate elimination Mugen was the audience’s most favourite bet. Mugen was a well-deserving candidate and was definitely a favourite choice. But, how did Mugen end up with Bigg Boss? Here’s his journey from Malaysia to Singara Chennai:

In a recent interview with The Times of India, Mugen said, “The first victory in my life is my travel from Malaysia to Chennai. My biggest dream was to do a project in India, and getting an opportunity to participate in the Bigg Boss show was another win for me. I wanted to participate in the reality show and see how it goes. Later, I thought why not put up a strong fight and win the trophy. And when that happened, everything felt surreal. I never expected this kind of support from people.”



Mugen further added that the fact that he received a great platform to express his singing talent has been very helpful, “Oh yes, as I mentioned, I was looking for an opportunity to break into the Indian scene to take my music videos here and realise my acting dreams. It was one of those days when they called me and asked me to come down for a meeting of sorts. Eventually, I was chosen to be a part of the show. It was my ‘aathaa naa pass aiten moment’.”

Talking about Bigg Boss and the game, Mugen said, “Initially, I didn’t understand how it worked. I felt claustrophobic inside the house and was stressed out. In one of the weekend episodes, Kamal sir asked me to come to the front and that’s when I decided to give it a try with a positive mindset. If I wanted to have fun, I should take the first step, right? So, I applied that logic. I didn’t want to give up at any cost as I had crossed that stage. I was in the last leg of the finale, and I wanted to give it my all. My motive was to be an inspiration to people. And in order to do that, I had to help myself first and gave it my best.”



Though he came across as a non-controversial contestant, Mugen says that he did make some mistakes. “I shouldn’t have lost my cool like that,” says Mugen, referring to the time when he smashed his hand on a cot. He adds, “Enakku munkobam romba jasthi. With the things that were happening around me, I broke the cot in anger. I regretted doing it as it affected Abhirami, too. I also made mistakes in the nomination process. See, we should nominate two people every week. There were 14-15 of us in the house and everyone was right in their own perspective. In one particular week, if someone felt less motivated, we nominated them. But I felt very bad after I nominated Reshma. I broke down but sorted it out with her later. But it was a game show, and we had to do it. No matter who we nominated, the connection we shared with them in the house was true.”



Talk about Mugen and one can’t help but mention his friends Abhirami and the boys’ gang, especially Tharshan. He says, “Abhirami is a nice friend and I respect her for what she is. She is kind, motivated and friendly. And the boys’ gang.. well, we are thaana serntha kootam. Initially, the girls kept to themselves. But we gradually came together and became friends. We never gave up on each other and were always there for each other. Of course, with Tharshan, it is even more special. He is a good-hearted person. He has a lot of dreams and is very dedicated. He might look tough on the outside, but he has a soft heart.”

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