I Never Realized We Were Falling In Love With Each Other: Prasanna!

Their love is inspirational!

Sneha and Prasanna are unable to put their hand on a particular instance that led them to believe that they were in love. “It was a very gradual thing. We didn’t even realize that we were falling in love with each other. In fact, till this moment I haven’t even properly proposed to her.” “Yes, I keep asking him when he would officially ask me to marry him by going down on his knees like in the movies.” Both of them started becoming each other’s confidants by sharing secrets and giving each other opinions and inputs on scripts.

However, an incident of brewing possessiveness is one of the reasons that led Prasanna to believe that she might just be more than a friend to him. Sneha elaborates, “We went to a star show in Malaysia, and the chatterbox that I am, I was talking to everybody. Prasanna pulled me aside and said, ‘Why do you have to talk to everybody?’” Prasanna never gave Sneha a reason to get possessive though, considering she practically never saw him with girls. “In the USA, she used to be my wingman. If she ever found anyone remotely nice looking, she would prompt me to give them a look. But this was when we were friends. Now, she does get possessive over me,” Prasanna quips.

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