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I have said the name Kavya Madhavan before: Pulsar Suni!

Shocking !

Actor Dileep has been in jail for a few weeks now after he was arrested for abducting a famous Malayalam actress. It was clear that more than one person was involved in the crime when one of the prime accused Pulsar Suni kept referring to a certain ‘Madam’ from whom he claimed he got instructions. It turns out this ‘Madam’ was none other than Dileep’s wife Actress Kavya Madhavan, though it was suspected before, now it has been officially confirmed through Pulsar Suni’s revelation to the media while he was being taken to the Ernakulam Additional Sessions Court.

“Kavya. I have said the name Kavya before. I am a thief, why are you listening to the confessions of a thief?” he asked the media when he was questioned about ‘Madam’.

Though Pulsar Suni claims that he has revealed this information earlier, it is for the first time that the media is hearing of it. He’d earlier concealed the identity of the person and had also said that she did not have a big role to play in the crime. He did, however, say that ‘Madam’ used to give him money and also he received instructions from this person. However, he changed his tone today and claimed that Kavya was the madam and he had revealed it before.

This person was involved in everything, which is reconfirmed after the police questioned advocate Pheney Balakrishnan who claimed that two persons had approached him for securing bail for Suni, the lawyer told the police that the two men had referred to one ‘Madam’.

The police had been unable to find any leads on who this person was. While Dileep claimed he didn’t know Suni, which was later proven to be a lie, reports were that Suni was Kavya’ driver on one occasion and that she gave him money from Dileep.

Pulsar Suni had mentioned visiting a shop in Kakkanad in a letter allegedly sent to Dileep.  On account of this the office of Lakshyah, Kavya Madhavan’s online boutique, was raided by the police towards the end of June on the suspicion that the pen drive containing the visuals of the actor’s assault had been handed over to someone at the office, however, they could not find anything there.

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