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I Always Ended Up Doing innocent Village Girl Roles: Radikaa Sarathkumar!

They got it wrong: she is a diva!

Over the years, we have seen children of prominent members of the film fraternity carry forth their legacy of acting, directing and producing, with practiced grace and charm. But of all, there was one such actor who did not want to foray into this surreal realm as she was in a world of her own.

Her persona hits you the moment you start talking to her. Raadika Sarathkumar is suave yet simple and is moulded from a different kind of clay. Tried and tested by time and people, she has grappled with the hardest and tackled all the issues head on. Read on, to know more about her journey as an actor and an entrepreneur.

“I didn’t fit in anywhere. So they made a slot for me in the Tamil industry—innocent roles”
In the film industry, people make presumptions and various assumptions about an actor and the kind of characters they can portray. Radikaa started off playing innocent roles, but over the years she started portraying powerful characters. Question her on the change and she says, “They had slots for each actor—Sridevi portrayed glamorous roles most of the time, while Sripriya would play strong and bold character and Sujata used to play all women-centric roles. I didn’t fit in anywhere. So they made a slot for me in the Tamil industry—innocent village girl roles. But, I wanted to do all kinds of roles.

That is when Telugu offers came my way and I started doing very serious and bold roles there. That is when people from the Tamil film fraternity realised that I could actually act. They started casting me in complex and women-centric roles. I started moulding myself to suit each character, and took on all the projects that came my way.”

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