“How long do we dumb down?”

Rima Kallingal’s TedX talk explores sexism in Malayalam Cinema.

Malayalam actor, Rima Kallingal, known as an outspoken actress against gender discrimination in the film industry, spoke about the deep-rooted sexism and discrimination against women prevalent in the film industry. “When I joined the Malayalam film industry, I heard words like shelf life, adjust, compromise, smile more, dumb down. We girls are always asked to dumb down. And we are so good at putting up an act – becoming someone that society wants us to be,” she said at TedX talk in Thiruvananthapuram. “How long do we dumb down, how long do we remain silent and what does it take to break this silence?” she added. She also said “We all have at least one woman in our life who has completely influenced our being our existence. Why is it that it is not reflected in the most popular art form of this century?” Watch the full Talk here:

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