Here’s What Sivakarthikeyan Has To Say About His Critics!


Sivakarthikeyan’s latest offering – Seema Raja – released on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Only a day since its release, the film has been faring well at the box office given the long holiday weekend. However, several reviews suggest otherwise, pointing to this Ponram-Sivakarthikeyan film being riddled with overused tropes and plots.

While critics have always been pointing out Sivakarthikeyan’s shortcomings in his projects, he heeds to only those who provide constructive criticism. In an exclusive with JFW, he said:

“I still feel Remo is a comedy film and ladies and kids enjoyed it. It’s critics opinion that they didn’t like it and it’s fine. I can take constructive criticism any time. When they suggest or advice with good reasons, then I listen to them. But if they are just being blunt or not giving a good enough reason as to why they didn’t like my film, it used to affect me earlier. Now, I like to focus on my work and I know my audience and that I know it’s not possible to satisfy 100 per cent of the people. Criticism is something I should take it.”

The film is a village drama where Sivakarthikeyan plays a dual role. Paired with Samantha Akkineni, the film also stars Soori, his partner-in-crime. Speaking about his friendship with Soori, Sivakarthikeyan said that the two’s comedy balances each other out. “We believe that together we bring good humour and camaraderie on screen,” he said.

Watch the full interview here:

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