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Here’s What Shah Rukh Khan Had To Say In “SRK 25 Years Of A Life”

SRK’s life in a book!

Recently, Samar Khan, a journalist turned author launched his book based on Shah Rukh Khan, titled “SRK 25 Years of a Life”. In the book, Samar Khan successfully portrayed SRK’s journey in his career and his path towards fame from the eyes of all the directors that he worked with. He also added that the main reason behind the book was that, he wanted readers to know why directors always came up with iconic characters for the actor.

During the book launch, Shah Rukh Khan spoke candidly about different topics ranging from his emotional take on his journey to giving witty responses. The first and foremost thing that the actor had to say was about dedication towards acting and trust towards film makers. Shah Rukh Khan commented about how actors sometimes refused to act parts of the character feigning reasons such as “that’s not what my character would do”. He also added that he never had doubts when it came to his characters penned by his directors because as an actor he felt that it was his duty to do justice to the role, no matter what the character had to do.

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