Here’s How Sonali Bendre’s Son Reacted To Her Having Cancer

So strong!

Actress Sonali Bendre said that amidst her battle with cancer, it’s her son who has been the strongest pillar of support. Earlier this month, Bendre disclosed that she had been diagnosed with high-grade cancer. Colleagues and fans from all over the world have been showering the actress with blessings and love ever since.

The actress shared a picture of herself with her son, Ranveer, on Instagram today and wrote about the importance of involving children in family situations.

“From the moment he was born 12 years, 11 months and 8 days ago, my amazing @rockbehl took ownership of my heart. From then on, his happiness and well-being have been the centre of anything @goldiebehl and I ever did. And so, when the Big C reared its ugly head, our biggest dilemma was what and how we were going to tell him. As much as we wanted to protect him, we knew it was important to tell him the full facts. We’ve always been open and honest with him and this time it wasn’t going to be different,” wrote the Hum Saath-Saath Hain actress.

Little Ranveer took the news in stride and has been a constant source of positivity for his mother. “I believe that it’s imperative to keep kids involved in a situation like this. They are a lot more resilient than we give them credit for. It’s important to spend time with them and include them, rather than make them wait on the sidelines, not being told yet instinctively knowing everything. In our effort to protect them from the pain and realities of life, we might end up doing the opposite,” she adds.

She is currently spending time with her son in New York, where she is undergoing treatment, and the two are keeping each other strong. “His madness and shenanigans help me #SwitchOnTheSunshine. And today, we derive strength from each other #OneDayAtATime.”

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