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Hasini Murderer: Daswant to be put to DEATH!

Court issues Death sentence for Daswant


Later that year, Daswant’s father applies for his bail in Mahila Court in Chengalpet; Daswant was out on bail during September. Daswant’s mother was found in a pool of blood, murdered and gold jewellery including her thaali and pair of bangles missing. Daswant was missing from the flat with his bike gone and mobile switched off.
He was later caught at Mahalaxmi Race Court in Mumbai by a special team. He had been frequently changing his appearance to look less recognizable. On December 6th however, Daswant who was still handcuffed as he sat to eat lunch at a hotel with policemen around him, escapes and tries to make a break for it. On December 8th, Chennai Police along with Mumbai police nabbed him once again and he confessed to all the murders including the plan he had laid to murder his father.

As the trial began, Daswant presented a six-page letter to the judge where he acknowledged his guilt and asked the court to dismiss the trial. Chengalpet Mahila Court, special judge P Velmurugan rejects the letter, declaring that Daswant “could not play with the courts”. He orders Daswant to present the case only via a lawyer. The court has now convicted him on several charges as mentioned above. The court found Daswant guilty of all charges and reached the verdict of Capital Sentence for the accused.

Daswant’s father who had initially requested bail has withdrawn all support for his son after the murder of his wife/Daswant’s mother. Hasini’s father claims Daswant showed no remorse or guilty feelings at court and in fact taunted him by saying he was going to come after Hasini’s little brother too. Hasini’s father teared up at hearing the verdict and said he will fight for his daughter’s justice forever!

Death sentence date will be announced soon.

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