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Hasini Murder Verdict Today: A Timeline.

The verdict to be out today, Feb 19th

It was around half a year ago that a 7-year-old Hasini was brutally raped and horrifically killed by 23-year-old IT man, S.Dawant. Let out on bail, he later committed another murder, that of his mother. As the verdict on both cases is to be delivered today, we take a look at the sequence of events.

  • Daswant is a mechanical engineer living in Mugalivakkam with his parents Sekar and Sarala.
  • He buys a puppy in the pretext of luring children into his house.
  • Daswant lures 7-year-old Hasini who stays in the same apartment complex, on Feb 2017 to his home. He sexually assaults her and suffocates her to death. He gets some petrol, puts the body in a travel bag and burns her body by the highway near his home.
  • The police arrest Daswant on the grounds of the Goondas Act. The case was registered at Chennai’s Mangadu police station with the cross-examination of 34 witnesses done in a span of two months.
  • Daswant’s father applies for his bail in Mahila Court in Chengalpet. He also files a habeas corpus petition with the Madras High Court. Daswant is out on bail during September.
  • Sekar his father left for work when his wife Sarala was found murdered and gold jewellery including her thaali and pair of bangles missing. Daswant was missing from the flat with his bike gone and mobile switched off.
  • Daswant was caught at Mahalaxmi Race Court in Mumbai by a special team. He had been frequently changing his appearance to look less recognizable.
  • On December 6th however, Daswant who is still handcuffed as he sat to eat lunch at a hotel with policemen around him, escapes and tries to make a break for it. Here’s the CCTV footage (Source: The News Minute):

  • On December 8th, Chennai Police along with Mumbai police nab him once again as he confesses to all the murders including the plan he had laid to murder his father.
  • Two witnesses, James and David, the cellmates of Daswant, allegedly helped him pawn his mother’s jewellery.
  • Under high-security, Daswant’s trial begins. Daswant presents a six-page letter to the judge where he acknowledged his guilt and asked the court to dismiss the trial.
  • Chengalpet Mahila Court, special judge P Velmurugan rejects the letter, declaring that Daswant “could not play with the courts”. He orders Daswant to present the case only via a lawyer.
  • The verdict on both cases will be out today. Visit our site regularly for further updates.

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