Happy Birthday Vijay Sethupathi: 8 Characters That Will Live In Our Hearts Forever!

Which one’s your favourite?

There is no possible way to choose just eight of this astounding actor’s character. Vijay Sethupathi gives his everything when he takes up a role. The unique touch he adds to every single role of his makes us wonder how he even does it. As this versatile actor celebrates his birthday today, we look back at some of our most favourite iconic characters of VJS:

1. Vedha, Vikram Vedha


Intelligent, enigmatic yet eerie is Vedha’s character and no one but Sethupathi could have nailed this role in the most simplest yet dynamic way.

2. Shilpa, Super Deluxe



Gender should never be an obstacle for an actor. An actor is someone who must take up any role and make it their own. VJS as a transwoman did not just win hearts but also shows us how the actor could go up to any level to better himself.

3. Pandi, Naanum Rowdy Dhaan



One of the best qualities of VJS as an actor is definitely his impeccable sense of humour. And this role of Pandi from Naanum Rowdy Dhan has done the best for him. His combination with RJ Balaji has taken it to another level and we couldn’t stop laughing throughout.

4. Michael, Iraivi



Sethupathi chooses films which have character arcs he could improvise and explore in-depth. One such character would definitely have to be Michael. Although, the film was a dedication to women, VJS’s role simply left us awestruck. There is some charm when VJS works with Karthi Subbaraj. His characters get more depth and standard.

5. Sumaar Moonji Kumaru, Idharku Dhane Aasai Pattai Balakumara



Yet another film that made our stomach ache with laughter. His timely yet simple humour, his accent and the way he simply approaches every scene will crack you up. Every scene is like a little surprise of laughter one would enjoy and watch it over and over again.

6. Das, Soodhu Kavvum



Another iconic role of Sethupathi’s in earlier days was definitely this one. This story was in itself an out-of-the-box humour and who else but Sethupathi could nail a role as complicated as this and make it his own.


7. Michael Karthikeyan, Pizza


The man gained immense recognition through Pizza. The film not just takes you by surprise but every single move of the actor leaves us gripping in our seat. An intense and brilliant performance indeed.

8. K Ramachandran, ‘96



The hopeless romantic side of VJS was seen in this film. A side to Sethupathi we never knew was this strong. You could fall in love with the innocence and yet look in awe at the the depth he created with Ram. All the emotions he felt yet the emptiness he portrayed outside, simply left the audience spellbound.

Yes, many of you may want to add several more characters to this list and we would all make a special mention of his roles in Master, Naduvul Konjam Pakkatha Kaanum, Orange Mittai, Aandavan Kattalai, Chekka Chivandha Vaanam, Ka Pae Ranasingam, Paniyarum Padminiyum and Seethakathi for putting an impeccable effort to try roles that are different on every level.

His versatility knows no bounds and we are always wondering as to what he would bring to us next. Happy birthday dearest Vijay Sethupathi!

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