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Guess Who? July JFW Cover features…!

She’s quite the ace!

Our July cover hosts one of the country’s biggest celebrity cum Sports star! Check out the teaser and tell us on youtube comments who you think it could be.

This is what she had to say about Bollywood:

“I have always been in love with Bollywood even before Bollywood became cool!”

When it comes to movies, this celebrity is a sucker for all things Bollywood. “I used to love Bollywood way back when Bollywood was still not yet considered, ‘cool’. I have always loved Bollywood from then until now but I prefer films based on reality more than fantasy. I am a big sucker for romance though I don’t come across as that type; I am a big fan of love stories. I still cry during emotional scenes of movies and I would gladly admit it. My favourite movie would be, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hain’. So who’s her favourite actor? She replies, “I am a loyal fan of Akshay Kumar and I have been his feverven since, ‘Mohra’, days so you know I am serious. Among actresses I like Kareena, I think she is a big inspiration.” Based in Hyderabad does she watch the regional movies? This personality says she doesn’t as much. “I don’t watch many Telugu films, but I like Charan’s acting. Down South, I like Trisha and she is a good friend of mine as well. I do like Superstar Rajinikanth as well and I have become a bigger fan after meeting him and getting to know his down to earth personality. I was really awestruck because here is this larger than life celebrity who is so humble that it really hits home!”

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