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Girl Forced to Remove Bra before NEET

Complaint filed against invigilator.

An 18-year-0ld student underwent a harrowing experience while writing the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) in Palakkad, Kerala. Since CBSE prohibits metals inside the exam hall, the student was asked to remove her bra as it had metal hooks. This made things worse for her when the male invigilator stared at her breasts the entire time while she wrote her exam, making it a very bitter experience for her.

According to The News Minute, the student and her family have filed a complaint at the North Town police station. Speaking under the condition of anonymity, the student told TNM that the invigilator staring at her body made it difficult for her to write this important test.

“He kept dropping into the class once in a while. In the entire duration of the test, he came to my class at least four times. The first time, I did not pay much attention when he came and stood near me. But then after some time, he returned and I felt that he was standing in front of me for an unusually long time. When I looked up, I caught him staring at my chest,” she narrated her ordeal.

The police have since registered a case under section 509 of IPC (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman). This isn’t the first time a female student was put in an uncomfortable position pertaining to her body with respect to NEET.

Last year, some female students were reportedly told by the invigilators to remove their top innerwear and change their jeans to adhere to the dress code for the exam as prescribed by the CBSE. Girls were also instructed to take away hairpins, bands and ornaments like earrings and nose-pin before entering the hall. Boys, on the other hand, were asked not to wear full sleeves, and whoever did turn up in that were forced to tear off their sleeves before entering the exam hall.

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