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Bigg Boss contestant Gayathri Raguramm lashes out at her haters!

Well done.

Bigg Boss ends this month and Vijay TV has already found their replacement. After seeing much drama in Bigg Boss house, we next get to see the life story of Tamil Lord Murugan in the new big-budget upcoming show. We saw 15 contestants entering the Bigg Boss house, and many of them are out now, leading their normal life. Practically everyone’s moved on. However, some audiences refuse to do so. One of the major contestants in Bigg Boss was dancer master Gayathri Raghuramm, she was the TRP of the show for all not good reasons. We saw many memes and videos going rounds in social media teasing the actor-director-choreographer.

After her eviction from the Bigg Boss house, Gayathri Raghuramm is back to her routine life with her family. She has been active on social media and has been posting her pictures often and updating about herself. She has moved on. One would expect the same from her audience, alas.

Recently, whatever she posts on a social forum is being received with negative comments. Following this, she took to her Twitter handle to express her feelings on the negative comments.

She said, ”It’s free world to talk (in front or back) share feelings write create meme criticism. Just enjoy. I don’t advise I say what I feel. I will not delete any of ur negative comments. I removed my mask in front of u all and showed who I’m. Now u remove urs and see ur negative”, “Unfollow me. For those who get irritated by my tweets. Follow ur favourites and ur role models.”

Now that’s one way of shutting down people who don’t like you. However she was on the show, isn’t it high time we forget it and lead on with our own lives?


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