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Ganesh, Vaiyapuri And Snehan Favorites For Title Winner?

Bigg Boss counting down last few weeks.


Would you believe if we told you Bigg Boss would be done in another 25+ days? We can’t believe ourselves. It seems like it was the past week we were cheering for Oviya and wondering what “Maruthuva Mutham” means. And just like that, 75 days have gone past us. The season 1 is finally ending. We can’t wait to know who will take home the title winner award. There are high chances for Ganesh, Vyapuri and Snehan are what we hear. However, do these deserve it?

Bigg Boss was losing its charm after Oviya and Julie’s exit, but somehow the showrunners have back the attention by including new people and giving re-entries.

The current tasks are getting interesting as it brings up many arguments and brings out the best from people who play the game well. One of the recent tasks was to play freeze. Anyone who is asked by Bigg Boss to stay freeze will have to stay frozen unless asked otherwise. Of course, the others in the house can play/disturb the contestant who is in the freeze task.

To add to the misery, Bigg Boss invited family members of Vyapuri, Bindhu Madhavi, and Harish to enter the house as a surprise visit while the freeze task was ON. The contestants struggled to stay freeze while wanting to join their family members.

Coming back to the question at hand, Ganesh, Vyapuri and Snehan for winners. Acknowledging the fact that they have saved themselves from elimination many times and also they are long-standing contestants from Day 1, it is understandable why they would be selected.

Though Sakthi, Harathi and Julie have come back, they were eliminated before, which clearly means they are not the favourites.

Another lone contestant who has been in the house from Day 1 is Aarav. Though he has been spared from elimination, his chances are low as Oviya Army is still angry with him. Aarav and Snehan have been part of many mishaps and problems in the house, unlike Ganesh and Vyapuri who have managed to save their Gentlemen look. It’s just a matter of few weeks before we get to know who wins, and a lot can happen in a few weeks in Bigg Boss, knowing the capability of its contestants and tasks. Let’s wait and watch.

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