Falling In Love With You Every Moment: Prasanna Posts A Beautiful Picture Of Wife Sneha!

They are so in love even after years!

Love manifests itself in different ways. There’s the high school kind where everything is endearingly sweet and impulsive. Then there’s the popular one, love at first sight, though the big debate of whether it is even a possibility is still alive. The third kind is one that is characterized by sheer lust, sparks flying instantly, ephemeral but real nevertheless.

The final one, however, is our favorite kind – friends becoming life partners. It is everyone’s ideal romantic circumstance, one that is predictable yet straightforward. The personalities in focus here are two such people.

Sneha and Prasanna are two such people. Their story is one that has a fairytale finale, of months of discovering, squabbles spurred and sorted, empathy and more, all cemented together with the love that is unconditional. It’s not like they had to carriage their affection in front of the camera, they were who they were – hopelessly in love with each other.

These recent pictures of the couple all dressed up for an occasion only goes to show what happy endings look like. Have a look:

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