EXCLUSIVE: Throwback to when Sneha and Prasanna shared how they fell in Love!

Love Is In The Air!

Sneha started her film career in 2000, while Prasanna started his in 2002. However, their paths never crossed until 2009. In 2009, they met on the set of Achamundu Achamundu, directed by Arun Vaidyanathan. That movie was something special for them, as the actors fell in love with each other. They were then spotted together in public, even at Press Shows, and the rumours started making rounds. Initially, the couple denied the rumours.

Their love story goes beyond this, as they were opposites who got attracted to each other! A time finally arrived when both the actors had to sign a film together. “There were a couple of other scripts that came to me along with Achamundu Achamundu. I picked this one because I felt that the script was very powerful.” Prasanna also admits that he was getting out of a really bad relationship and since the entire film was going to be shot in the USA, he really made use of the opportunity to escape from the troubles of his life.

Both of them returned from the USA after the shoot and continued to be friends. Their idea of fun and pastime was to watch movies together. “Initially we used to be hesitant to go out and watch films. We didn’t know how the media would perceive it and we were really just friends. The only actor my mother trusted me with back then was Prasanna.” The rumour ordeal didn’t particularly act in their favour as expected. “But I really wanted to break the stereotype of how co stars being friends would only be romantic and nothing else,” Sneha shared. 

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Both of them are unable to put their hand on a particular instance that led them to believe that they were in love. “It was a very gradual thing. We didn’t even realize that we were falling in love with each other. In fact, till this moment I haven’t even properly proposed to her.” “Yes, I keep asking him when he would officially ask me to marry him by going down on his knees like in the movies.” Both of them started becoming each other’s confidants by sharing secrets and giving each other opinions and inputs on scripts.  However, an incident of brewing possessiveness is one of the reasons that led Prasanna to believe that she might just be more than a friend to him. Sneha elaborates, “We went to a star show in Malaysia, and the chatterbox that I am, I was talking to everybody. Prasanna pulled me aside and said, ‘Why do you have to talk to everybody?’” Prasanna never gave Sneha a reason to get possessive though, considering she practically never saw him with girls. “In the USA, she used to be my wingman. If she ever found anyone remotely nice looking, she would prompt me to give them a look. But this was when we were friends. Now, she does get possessive over me,” Prasanna quips. 

However, to this couple, possessiveness is something very personal and is never carried to the sets while working. “I am fully aware of the fact that acting is like any other profession and you have to do what your role asks of you. But I also believe in a limit to what can be shown on screen because at the end of the day, I want to watch my film with my parents. So there is no room for onscreen possessiveness,” he says.  Both of them also admit that more than sharing happy moments they have shared many sad moments together. “When he was going through an all-time low in his career, I would talk him through it. At the same time when I was going through problems myself with all the controversies and gossips, he used to lend me his shoulder to cry on.”  The couple just started talking about their future together one day and the exclusivity of their relationship was understood without even being communicated. “We became really dependent on each other. I could never shop without her help. On receiving a script, I would immediately call her and ask her for suggestions.”  More than speaking about their feelings to each other, the couple confided their feelings to their respective friends and siblings. “They knew all along but never asked us about it till we broke the news to them,” she says. Both Sneha and Prasanna haven’t had the smoothest of rides when it comes to relationships. “Both of us took a while to come out of our previous relationships. Whatever was flawed and not right in my previous relationship was perfect in this one,” Sneha adds. 

Eventually, Prasanna announced,  “Yes… Sneha and I decided to marry soon with the blessings of our parents.” They got married on 11 May 2012 in Chennai. They now have 2 children, Vihaan and Adhyantaa. They keep us, their fans, up to date with their life by sharing adorable photos of themselves, as well as, their children.

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