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Artistic and audacious for someone as young as him, he swept thousands off their feet. Having created compositions that are sheer magic, he soars high with dedication and his love for music. Anirudh Ravichander talks about life as he knows it and the future that awaits him

Destiny always has a lot more in store than what is usually anticipated. This charming young man’s life is no exception. Filled with energy, he is undaunted and a winner in this league. The fame and fandom he has acquired have not inflated his ego even in the smallest way imaginable. The subsequent successes that have come his way have however made him chase even bigger dreams.

When Passion Became Profession 

What began as a hobby has landed him where he is now. Like narrating a beautiful story, he traces the path that led him here. It is incredible to look back and realise that it all just happened. However, when it did, he took control and went in pursuit of it in all earnestness. “When I was three, I started learning the Western classical piano, but just as a hobby. During school, things changed. The band craze was on and drove me further. I was part of a Carnatic fusion band, which was when my interest towards music grew. It was when I was 12 or 13 that I started composing songs every day. Now when I listen to those early attempts at composing, I realise that the songs were really bad and unintentionally funny, but everybody has a starting point and that was mine,” he says.

The real deal happened after the success of a short film he had composed for. “I dreamt of becoming a music director for Tamil films right from when I was in the ninth standard, but I realistically expected it to happen when I was 30 or 35 and that too in a small way. During college I started composing for short films that Danush was working on. Somehow, one of the short films came out really well. That became a feature film called 3.  Danush asked me if I would work on it. And from then on there has been no looking back.” Although, it was a big jump from short films to a feature film, and doubts prevailed inside him, he made it.

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