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Dulquer Loves His Wife And Is Extremely Committed To Her: VJ Ramya!

VJ Ramya talks to JFW!

Recovering herself amidst a whirlwind of experiences, anchor-turned-actress, Ramya Subramanian aka VJ Ramya has had a remarkable decade in the film industry and has earned every milestone. Loved for her poise and her trademark hosting skills, VJ Ramya has only grown from Strength to strength, excelling on every level. Add power lifting to the list, you have a diva with an unbeatable soul.

On asking her about her experience with Dulquer, she said, “Dulquer is someone so brilliant and committed that it’s unbelievable. He is one of my closest friends. He is caring, committed and loves his wife a lot. He is so handsome and so many women love him but he is someone who doesn’t get diverted towards anyone for he loves his wife unimaginably.”

She further added that she and Dulquer are not in touch every day but when they talk it doesn’t feel like it’s been long. He always creates a comfort zone she added. “He is a gem of a person, besides being the heartthrob of all women.”

According to the Society, it is rather unusual for “women” to even lift a dumbbell let alone weights. Rightfully breaking the stereotypes, Ramya, who was till date loved for her looks and her voice is now being recognized for something more powerful. Ramya’s way to get herself out of a stressful divorce was powerlifting and she is already in the process of excelling in it.

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