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Doctor bride for Arya?!

Is the actor all set to marry?

The big reveal is finally here. A few weeks back we Arya had asked to be part of a bride hunt and even went so far as to invite applications in. With K-Town abuzz with rumours, we had event reported the same here:

Mystery Unlocked: Secret Behind Arya’s “I Want A Bride” Video Revealed!

Today in a grand event held by Colours Tamil, Arya revealed that he is the Eligible bachelors for the first season of ‘Enge veetu Mapillai’ a show based on the Swayamvar Tradition/Bachelor Show. Speaking at the event he said, “For a very long time public and even my peers keep asking me when my marriage would be. Here I am to tell you all that I am seriously looking for my soulmate and I would gladly pick one of the 16 we have shortlisted for the show if I find the Right One!”

Talking about the women of the show he said, “I, along with the producers of the show sorted through many applicants and shortlisted about 16 of them. My only expectation for a bride would be the wavelength and hopefully someone I feel like spending all my time with. Honestly speaking about these women I can boldly say they love me to death!”

Channel Head, Anup Chandrasekhar added, “We received over 7000 applications from women from all walks of life. What was most surprising was the fact that about 2/3rd of the applicants were doctors of some kind! We had a lot of gynecologists, dentists, and endocrinologists in the list! We have selected the best from the 7000 and these 16 women represent all walks of life and I know will make a suitable bride for Arya! Unlike other shows, we are not just looking to show the two dating but an actual wedding!”

Arya added, “Truly! We would have a grand wedding at the end if I find the one. Maybe even two ceremonies, who knows?!” So there you go ladies, looks like it was just amiss!

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