Dipa Karmakar Attended Exam The Next Day She Landed From Rio!

Now that’s what we call an all-rounder!

Dipa Karmakar is the first Indian woman to participate in Olympics. That in itself is a achievement, but Dipa finished fourth in the vault and made India immensely proud! Dipa does not stop there, she continues to be an ideal child! After excelling in Rio Olympics, Dipa impressed everyone by appearing for her MA political science exam the next day, now this what we call a commendable act! Dipa has proved to be an all-rounder with sports and simultaneously focusing on her exams!

Coming from a small town of Agartala, Dipa was born and brought up just like any of us. Her efforts and passion towards the sport allowed her to train for the mere age of six and has been coached by Soma Nandi & Bisweshwar Nandi ever since. Ms Gauri, Dipa’s mother said, “My daughter always says sports is in its place and education is in its place. She says she has to get a degree.” Dipa’s story has inspired many young students across the country and we hope to find champions like her in the making!

Dr KB Jamatia, Director of Distance Education at Tripura University appreciated Dipa by saying, “It’s a striking example to other students also. One who plays at the Olympic level can also study side by side to acquire higher education, along with her achievements in sports.”

Continue making us proud, Dipa!

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