‘Dhanush and I getting together is god’s will” Aishwarya Dhanush narrates her Love Life!

Over the years we have seen sons and daughters of the film fraternity carry the torch and do their bit to contribute something new to the industry. Some use the leverage of their backing and are not ashamed of it while some believe in being self-made and not cutting corners, because to them, success is one that is solely earned and not one that thrives under the shadows of influence. Aishwarya Dhanush is one such woman who is very hard to peg as a superstar’s daughter, definitely not because she is in dearth of talent but only because of the sheer absence of even traces of vanity.

Here are extracts from Aishwarya Dhanush in a conversation with JFW in 2013.

‘Dhanush and I getting together is god’s will. It was just destined to happen’

When the news about their marriage came out, we were all pleasantly surprised considering it was all too sudden to which she agrees. “It all happened very fast and we were too young. By the time we realized there is something between us, we got married.” Aishwarya had gone to watch Kadhal Konden at Albert Theatre where the real and reel life hero was also present. “After watching the movie, I sent him flowers with a note saying he was extremely good and he called me to say thanks. That is how we started talking and within six months we got married. It happened just like how Kola Veri happened.” Did daddy dearest oppose? “His parents were apprehensive initially but that was because he was too young. But he was quite strong about what he felt and I do not think they regret it today. Likewise, my parents did not oppose vehemently; they just asked me if I was sure I was not rushing into things. My parents gave me their views and I had mine and I chose to get married to him anyway.”

‘I think I have done a good job as a wife and I am extremely proud about it’

Aishwarya thinks that it is hard to get to know a person in all of six months and what you see in those initial days is always the best side of the person. So what led her to get married to Dhanush so early – shall we say leap of faith? Perhaps, she says. “Dhanush and I figured each other out after marriage, learnt where our interests lie and discovered our temperaments over a period of time. The best thing about our relationship is the fact that we give each other plenty of space.” Their marriage is one that is defined by giving one another respect, be it values or sentiments. “Neither of us believes in changing for the other person just because we want to be together. When you are in your mid 20s your mind is set in terms of what you believe in and it is very hard to change yourself.” Their relationship as defined by Aishwarya is healthy where he gives her ample freedom, nurtures her passion and is extremely encouraging. Living and dealing with an actor is not something new to Aishwarya. She has grown up with an actor or at least grown up with a mother who has lived with an actor. “I have seen what my mother has gone through and I understand the kind of patience it takes to live with an actor. Their timings are not normal, their mood swings are at times haywire and an artist lives in someone else’s shoes when they are acting. While some take it back home, some don’t. But I feel switching personalities can be difficult and the actor in you leaves a residue and the personality lingers around even when they get back home.” According to her, it takes a lot of patience to be a wife to an actor considering she has to compensate for his absence to her kids and make them understand that he still loves them.

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