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Death toll of Theni forest fire rises to 19!

How many more?!!

Two weeks after the forest fire in Kurangani, the death toll of it increases to 19, after victims died at the hospital.  

Jayasree, aged 32 had suffered from severe burns in neck, chest, legs, and hands. Her lungs had also been burnt as she had inhaled hot fumes. The doctors had been treating her with intravenous fluids and were constantly monitored by them. She was ventilated from March 16. However, despite the efforts, she died around 10 a.m. on Thursday. Sai Vasumathi, aged 26 who had been suffered from 56 percent burns also passed away on Friday despite the treatment.  

A fatal and massive fire erupted in the Kurangani forest of Theni district late on Sunday with the area being covered in tall lemongrass. 39 people who were part of a Women’s Day trek, consisting of mostly women, some men and children were part of the trek, and they were coming down the slopes from Bodinayyakanur when they got trapped in the forest fire in the Kurangani area. 

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