Dear Trolls, Samantha Akkineni’s Response Is Exactly The Lesson You Need!

You go, girl!

For long actresses have been told to be their demure selves, always questioning their conduct and expecting them to be definitions of ‘sati savitri’. And once they get married, it’s taken for granted that anything “un-sanskari” they do will come under scrutiny where the amount of trolling and shaming they endure is unprecedented.

Samantha Akkineni, who married her beau Naga Chaitanya in October last year, has often spoken up about her married life and why her marital status should not be a decider of the kind of roles she gets. Post her wedding, not only has she done a plethora of characters, some of these roles are regarded as her best in her career. But trolls do what trolls do best – shame her if she’s seen having a gala time or wears clothes that aren’t deemed “appropriate” for a married woman.

Fed up with the kind of hate she received, it took a lot of guts for Samantha to send one message to all those who moral police her – the middle finger.

Taking to Instagram story, Samantha posted that in so little words how she feels about people who shame her for wearing clothes that are “too short” or small.

She had posted a photo of herself in a fun red colour crop top and skirt that’s perfect for a sunny day out, and captioned it ‘inner peace’. But the trolls were quick enough to ruin her peace completely.

Women getting policed is nothing new. But women unapologetically giving it back to so-called moral police, now that’s what needs to be lauded. In the past, several actresses have gotten trolled for the clothes the wear, for the roles they pick, or for the dialogues they say. Remember when Jyothika was trolled for abusing in Naachiyaar? Or when Priyanka Chopra was trolled for wearing a short dress when meeting PM Modi?

Social media has been a breeding ground of hatred comments perpetrated by anonymous accounts lately, and when we look at things closer home, there’s much to be ashamed of. But, if 2017 was the year of women speaking out and breaking shackles and the year of the #MeToo and #TimesUp moment, then we know we are heading towards the right track.

Trolls always think that a woman should cover up, but the same trolls will go on a roll sending women unsolicited images of their private parts or asking them to “show bobs and vagens” [a play on show boobs and vaginas].

While there have been several times that actresses have responded to trolls with fitting messages, it’s high time people learn that women can wear whatever they want as long as it’s with their consent. It’s basic human rights and each time a woman is shamed, we take 10 steps back on the road to humanity.

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