Dear Tamil Cinema, Please Stop With The Tasmac Songs And Women Bashing

Stalking glorified as a normal thing in Tamil movies

After the recent murder of an Infosys techie in Chennai, the debate around stalking has risen again. Swathi, a well educated, working professional was hacked to death by a boy who had been stalking her for two months. This has left us with the question, what could have provoked this guy, Ramkumar, to do such a heinous crime? One might argue, he was influenced by our movies where the hero is shown as a person who falls in love with a girl, the moment he sees her and then follows her to gain her love at all cost. While it might sound and feel very romantic in movies, the reality is far from it. By Subashini Suresh

We examine movies which blame girls for no reason and have got away with creating a culture where women are seen as an objects rather than a living person with feeling and emotions of their own. The more and more we talk about feminism, Tamil movies have defiantly made movies which put women in bad light. Take a look at the latest string of movies which released in the past few years.


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