Culprits who Chopped up Pregnant Woman in Hyd, found!

The perpetrators were captured on CCTV footage.

Almost two weeks after a pregnant woman’s body was found chopped up at Botanical Gardens, Police have now have narrowed it down a biker duo found on CCTV footage. After a portrait prepared by experts from the Crime Investigation Department (CID), based on eye-witnesses, they have identified via the CCTV footage what appears to be a man riding with a female passenger who was holding a bag.

“We gathered clues showing that the murder took place in Siddique Nagar or Anjaiah Nagar, and from there, the body was dumped near Botanical Garden…At 3:42 am, they dumped the bags near the Botanical garden. At 3.48 am, the bike was spotted on Masjid Banda Road before the suspects rode on to Gachibowli flyover. We suspect that they turned right at Khajaguda junction and disappeared from camera view,” an investigating officer told The Hindu.

The police are yet to identify the names of the duo or the victim. “It’s not even possible for the relatives to identify her. The DNA of the woman and the fetus has been preserved as it could help in establishing the identity,” a police officer was quoted as saying. Cops claim she was last seen visiting Udipi Hotel in Gachibowli on Jan 28 and may have likely been beaten to death before being chopped to pieces.

The police have announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for any information on the accused.

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