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Coimbatore Girl Dies During Safety Drill In College!


A 19-year-old Coimbatore girl was killed in what is regarded as a freak accident when she jumped off the second floor during a safety drill. The disaster management drill was being conducted at a private college on Thursday evening.

A video regarding the incident has surfaced, wherein the girl can be seen jumping off the second floor, despite a safety net held by various students, but her head hit the roof of the sunshade of the first floor and fell motionless on the ground. She was immediately rushed to the government hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Identified as Logeshwari, she suffered grievous head injuries and a cut on her neck and was taken to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH). Multiple reports state that the police have booked the trainer, R Arumugam, for pushing the girl from the height. The college had invited Arumugam to train the students in disaster management.

It is believed that 20 students were given training, but the girl was not prepared. The authorities will be questioning the college principal and the trainer. The girl who was killed hails from Alandurai village in Coimbatore district and was pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA).

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