Chennai: Woman Helps Friend Steal Her Father’s Car And The Reason Is Oddly Hilarious!


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In a rather surprising incident, a girl helped her Facebook friend Chandru steal her father’s car and the reason is oddly funny. A 28-year-old man was arrest on Friday by police in Chennai for stealing the car of a Kodabakkam businessman. The thief had connived with the car owner’s daughter to commit the crime, according to The Times of India.

A 47-year-old businessman Shanmugarajan lodged a complaint regarding his car that went missing from his residence’s garage but little did he know that it was his daughter who had planned the entire theft. The reason is because he refused to give her pocket money.

She was reportedly friends with one Chandru on Facebook and had made several calls to him before the theft occurred.

“The woman told Chandru she was in need of money but said her father refused to give her any cash. She suggested that Chandru steal her father’s Mahendra Xylo,” an investigating officer told ToI.

She offered to help him steal the car which costs over Rs.10 lakh.

Chandru then used a duplicate key to drive the vehicle away. He was however apprehended while trying to sell the vehicle.

The businessman’s daughter came under suspicion after she gave contradictory statements to the police during enquiry.

While the businessman’s daughter has been let off with a warning, a magistrate court has sent Chandru to jail.



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