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Chennai Woman A Victim Of The Blue Whale Challenge? Police Claim It To Be False!

24-year-old jumps off the building.

While there are teenagers and young-adults in India reading/watching, stories like 13 Reasons Why and voicing out against the casual portrayal of suicide, or supporting the fact that it talked about an eye-opening topic, police file the seventh suicide case that has allegedly occurred due to the BLUE WHALE challenge.

Blue Whale is an online game with 50 tasks in 50 days, the final task being to kill oneself. Developed by a dropped out Psychology student who claims the game will clear the world of valueless beings, the game got its seventh victim from India to jump from the seventh floor in an attempt to kill herself.

Earlier on Monday night, around 11 P.M, J. Niveditha, 24-year-old MCA student jumped off the seventh floor of her posh apartment at Virugambakkam. She was immediately rushed to a nearby private hospital. Although the doctors declared she is out of danger, Niveditha broke her back and is in a serious condition.

The government after the suicide of Manoj on 26 July 2017 had directed internet majors like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo to immediately remove all links to the Blue Whale game.

The Police Department was already probing connections to the game in three other deaths and two attempted suicides; however, the latest update is that this case had nothing to do with the Blue Whale Challenge, reported The News Minute.

Police are investigating into the link to the game after the neighbors reported that the girl was seen depressed and could have possibly played the game.

Unlike in the case of 16-year-old boy Manoj who was found hanging at Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala after playing the BLUE WHALE game, which his mother reports he mentioned about in November 2016, Niveditha’s parents are not sure if their daughter was playing the game.

“Niveditha’s parents said they knew nothing about her playing the ‘Blue Whale’ game online but we are checking call data from her cell phone to see for ourselves,” the officer said, adding that they were waiting for her to regain consciousness so they could speak to her. “We are also looking at the possibility that other causes prompted the suicide,” he said.




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