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Chennai Girl Hasini’s Murderer Dhashvanth Arrested In Mumbai!


The murder of 7-year old Hasini from Chennai had set across shock waves. Hasini, a resident of Madha Nagar, Mugalivakkam, went missing from her apartment complex. She was later found dead near Mangadu and her body has been recovered by the Police. She was alone in her apartment when her parents went shopping.

After noticing her disappearance, the parents searched the locality and finally, her father Babu lodged a police complaint.
She was then found burnt, after which it was confirmed that her neighbour Dhashvanth had sexually assaulted her, killed her and burnt her body. Since then, the family moved to Andhra as they received threats from the accused Dhashvanth.

Following this news, Dhasvanth’s mother was beaten to death and the accused had gone missing. However, according to latest reports, Dhasvanth has been arrested in Mumbai by a special force. The police are currently waiting for a transit warrant to Chennai.

A police source informed the News Minute that investigating officer had gone to Mumbai three days ago. Knowing that Dhasvanth is fond of betting on race horses, the team has been stationed at the Race Course in Chembur. On Wednesday, Dhasvanth had turned up at the Race Course. It was then that the Chennai special team nabbed him. Following this, the police informed the other stations.

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