Certain Group Activists Protest Against Arya’s House Entry!

The crew left the place in a hurry!

By now everybody is familiar with the show Enge Veetu Mapillai in Colours Tamil, a show based on the Swayamvar Tradition/Bachelor Show with Arya playing the eligible bachelor. The show has received mixed with reviews with many condemning the show’s format and stating the tactics used in it are cheap and cumbersome. The show does have a huge following in TN with many even watching the reruns on Youtube.

It is now revealed that the crew along with Arya recently went to Kumbakonam to visit the home of one of the participants as part of an upcoming episode. However, things turned ugly right away with protests by women’s group activists at the entry blocking the segment. Arya and the crew are said to have left the spot in a hurry and returned to Chennai abandoning the idea.

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