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Blue Whale Challenge Claims It’s First Victim In Tamil Nadu!

Devastating news.

Just when parents started worrying about their child being in a room alone for a long time due to the Blue Whale Challenge that has been going rounds, the suicide of a 19-year-old college student has left everyone in shock. A college boy named J.Vickey near Vilacheri in Madurai district has hanged himself and died. As the police investigation started, a particular image found on the boy’s left forearm has prompted the police to investigate whether the death was due to the Blue Whale game.

Vickey, who was a second-year student of commerce in a city college, was found hanging at his residence in Mottamalai with a blue whale carved with a sharp object on his forearm.

His body was discovered at 4.15 pm on Wednesday. The younger son of a baker, he had bought a mobile phone only recently. Though Vickey had hanged himself to death, which is contrary to the last rule of the Blue Whale Game, where the player is asked to jump off a building, police are probing the Blue Whale angle due to the image on his hand, “We suspect the boy could have been playing the game. Further investigation is underway in the case,” said Madurai SP Manivannan.

Furthermore, there was also reportedly a sheet of paper near him on which it was scribbled that ‘the blue whale challenge is not a game and is dangerous, once you start you cannot escape.’

The game involves many tasks, which are given by an administrator or curator, which have to be completed one by one at the end of which the player is asked to kill himself. Each task given is mostly inflicting harm to oneself through physical and mental torture.

After the sinister ‘game’ was suspected to have claimed three lives in India the Indian government on August 15 directed Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo to remove links to the Blue Whale challenge immediately.


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