Bigg Boss Tamil: Saravanan Apologises For His Previous Statement; Urges Everyone To Never Misbehave With Women!

A lot on social media reciprocated to Saravanan’s insensitive comments!

Earlier last week, Bigg Boss’ contestant Saravanan openly agreed to molesting women while taking bus rides during his college rides. Neither the channel airing the show nor the host condemned the act and the audience was seen clapping and cheering. This upset a lot of the viewers and many expressed their disappointment on social media.

In today’s episode, the channel took the responsibility of making Saravanan understand and provide him with a chance to apologise. They called him to the confession room and provided him with a chance to speak up and clarify. Using the platform, the contestant said, “I raised my hand to say that yes I have done it and I really did want to further add that I was wrong. But, what I did during my college times is definitely unpardonable. I take this opportunity to let everyone know that I am extremely sorry for my statement hurting you all. I urge every youngster to never do what I did and be socially responsible. I can guarantee everyone that I am definitely not what I was back then. Yes, I did make those mistakes and I would like to tell the boys today that what I did was not cool and is absolutely wrong. You will face harsh punishment if you do it.”

We have seen various controversies on Bigg Boss this season. But, this time, looks like it that this has just blown out of proportion. It began initially when Meera Mithun accused Cheran of manhandling her during one of the tasks. While sorting out this issue, Kamal happened to share a major issue women face while travelling in buses. He stated, “To travel on a busy bus is a big hassle. While there are people who are rushing to reach office on time, there are those who get in just to touch women inappropriately.”


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