Bigg Boss Tamil: It’s Unfair To Target Meera Mithin On The First Day Of Her Entry; Here’s Why!

Whatever be it, it still is unfair!

Bigg Boss Tamil kickstarted last Sunday with a bang. We even conducted a poll yesterday to figure out who our favourite contestants were. Most of them voted for Kavin, Losliya, Mugen and Sandy for being honestly themselves and also having fun with the show. Even when Abirami expressed how she felt for Kavin, he was being gentleman enough to explain to her that she hardly knows him and that she mustn’t get hurt in the future when she gets to know him better.

But, Abirami did not seem to take it well even after her fellow contestants Vanitha and Fathima Babu supported Kavin for saying the right thing. However, this is not about the favourites this time. A new contestant entered the House and something was definitely bound to happen in this 100-day reality show for sure but none of us expected it to be this soon!



Meera Mithun, a model from Chennai has won various beauty pageant titles like Miss South India 2016 and Miss Tamil Nadu 2016. However, the title of Miss South India was taken away from her for alleged fraudulence cases against her. She is also the 16 entrant into the House. But things did not seem to go down well with contestants Abirami and Sakshi in the House. With what was shown on the show, looks like it that Abirami and Sakshi have a personal vendetta with the 8 Thottakal actress. We are quite sure that Meera has the same feeling about the two as well. Whatever be it, the fault maybe on either of them for that matter. But, it is unfair to just make her feel unwanted and gang up against her while one is a part of this show to shine professionally.

There have always been gangs in every season. But this ganging up seemed to be way too early.

But, Abirami and Sakshi later on apologised for their behaviour. Good for them, but when someone has put aside their differences to make an attempt to atleast cordially talk, it’s best that they do the same, don’t you think?

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