Bigg Boss Tamil 6: This Week’s Eviction Results Out! Find Out!

Who is it going to be?

The 6th season of Bigg Boss Tamil has finally caught up some pace as the contestants have started playing their game. In the second week, GP Muthu walked out of the house due to personal worries. He was missing his son and therefore decided to quit the show. That week, Shanthi Master was also evicted from the house as she received the least votes. In the coming weeks, Asal Kolaar and Sheriina were evicted from the house because they received the least votes. After that, Maheswari, Nivaashini and Robert Master were also evicted from the house owing to the least votes.

This week’s weekly task is a competition between Aliens and Tribals. The housemates have split into two teams, and have started fighting each other for the game. While the tribals have to steal flowers from the alien world without getting caught by them, the aliens have to steal precious stones from the tribals, also without getting caught. If they get caught, they will be made to sit on a ‘Reactor Chair’ in which they have to survive from buzzer to buzzer without crying or getting angry. They win if they survive this. So, naturally, the other opposing teammates were provoking the contestant on the chair to defeat them. The weekly task has evoked a lot of commotion and controversy among the contestants as they have ensued into serious conflict throughout the week.

This week those on the nomination list are Kathiravan, Janany, Rachitha, Dhanalakshmi, Myna Nandhini and Queency. Out of this list, speculations are that Kathiravan has gotten the highest votes and is in the safe zone. Similarly, Dhanalakshmi and Rachitha also received lots of votes and are therefore expected to continue their game in the house. However, Queency and Myna Nandhini received the lowest votes. Speculations are that Queency is most likely to be evicted this week, as she has come last on the list. We await the Sunday episode to know officially.

Bigg Boss is a show with a huge fan following and netizens are constantly making memes out of the content on Social media. Last season, Raju made it to the Finale and bagged the title. The show is always hosted by Kamal Haasan, but for a short while last season, Ramya Krishnan hosted it. Bigg Boss Ultimate was also completed recently with contestants who have already been in the Bigg Boss House. The first season’s title was bagged by Arav. The winner of the following seasons was Rythvika, Mugen Rao, Aari Arjunan, and Raju Jeyamohan, for seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively.

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