Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Is Shivin in Love With Another Contestant?

Another love story like Pavni-Amir?

The 6th season of Bigg Boss Tamil has finally caught up some pace as the contestants have started playing their game. In the second week, GP Muthu walked out of the house due to personal worries. He was missing his son and therefore decided to quit the show. That week, Shanthi Master was also evicted from the house as she received the least votes. In the coming weeks, Asal Kolaar and Sheriina were evicted from the house because they received the least votes. In this week’s episode, VJ Maheshwari was also evicted from the house.

In an episode this week, Shivin was seen narrating her love story to her co-contestant Rachitha Mahalakshmi. She shared that she fell in love with a boy when she was working in the IT field. Apparently, things were all going well between the couple. However, her mother was not okay with the relationship and asked her to call it off. Her mother believed that the boy’s family may not accept her and therefore did not want her to get hurt. Shivin had then broken up with her boyfriend who is now working in Singapore. The 32-year-old broke into tears when she said that her ex-boyfriend has now taken to a few bad habits but she wants him to find a nice girl and get married to her. Rachitha was seen shedding some tears when Shivin shared this tragic story.

Looks like Shivin has fallen in love again. In Monday’s episode, Shivin is seen having a conversation with VJ Kathirravan, where she hints that she has feelings for him. She tells him that they cannot continue their friendship inside the house because of how she feels for him. However, from Kathirravan’s expressions and replies, it is obvious that he hasn’t understood what she was trying to convey. Already Sheriina and Maheshwari have conveyed that they have an infatuation with Kathirravan. After watching this snippet, netizens have started shipping the two together. Some have also started hoping that at least Shivin’s second love should work out.

Bigg Boss is a show with a huge fan following and netizens are constantly making memes out of the content on Social media. Last season, Raju made it to the Finale and bagged the title. The show is always hosted by Kamal Haasan, but for a short while last season, Ramya Krishnan hosted it. Bigg Boss Ultimate was also completed recently with contestants who have already been in the Bigg Boss House. The first season’s title was bagged by Arav. The winner of the following seasons was Rythvika, Mugen Rao, Aari Arjunan, and Raju Jeyamohan, for seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively.

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