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Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Will Tonight’s Episode Focus On Janani Iyer??

A total shocker ahead!

The promos of Bigg Boss Tamil 2’s episode tonight are out and they showcase all those times when contestants seem to be losing their cool. Screaming, shouting, passive-aggressive behaviour – this episode might just start to bring out the worst in everybody. Amidst all this, the promos show that Janani Iyer will be the point of focus.

The promos show Mahat, Sendrayan, and Daniel sparring with words while performing the tasks. It has something to do with Janani, which she tries to intervene and pacify Sendrayan. She comes in focus again when another promo focuses on how she is viewed as someone playing the game, appearing more cunning than what one would picture her as. Ananth Vaidyanathan, too, seems to have picked up on that vibe.

And another promo shows Janani and Mumtaz arguing by the kitchen sink. While we have no idea what the context is, it is clear that the contestants are beginning to kindle each other on purpose so as to play a game. Like Mahat says in the promos, “What satisfaction do you get out of creating issues between people, Bigg Boss?”

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