Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Vaishnavi In Secret Room!

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Bigg Boss Tamil 2’s last episode had no eviction this week. However, there’s a huge air of mystery considering the so-called evicted contestant Vaishnavi is still somewhere in the house. Sunday’s episode had host Kamal Haasan announce to everybody that Vaishnavi has been evicted in front of every contestant. But, the minute she left, she ended up going to a secret room.

In that secret room, Vaishnavi heard things about her, what people said about her. And the housemates had nice things and lots of fake things to say. Carefully listening to it all, Vaishnavi heard what Daniel also had to say about her, who wasn’t keen about having her in the first place.

Apart from that twist, Kamal Haasan finally did what many have been waiting for – call Ponnambalam’s behaviour out. He spoke about why Ponnambalam commenting on women’s clothes and a character was discriminatory behaviour. Speaking as a father who raised two daughters, Kamal said that he’s giving this advice mostly because one shouldn’t be judged based on their gender.

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