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Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Too Many Pranks!

Find out what happened in last night’s episode!

Remember how the promo for Thursday night’s episode showed that a lot of drama happens? Turns out, it was all a prank! A prank that Vaishnavi and Daniel Annie Pope masterminded.

So the episode begins with Mamathi and Mumtaz bonding, while Aishwarya Dutta requests Bigg Boss for some chicken. You can’t blame her really if the only non-veg item is egg.

The morning turns sour briefly when Vaishnavi is found crying and everybody starts getting worked up. Danny is assumed to be the culprit but the messers become the messies! The day progresses with a task, about writing a letter with people divided into two teams and later reading it aloud.

It’s evident that Yashika and Aishwarya are feeling left out given the language and the fact that people are making fun of their Tamil. Aishwarya clearly wasn’t amused when Janani started making fun of her Tamil. She’s also called ‘Sethiji’ and she’s clearly not okay with it.

Their luxury budget, too, suffers after they get a 900 points cut owing to the task. They learn a lesson and they are all set to redeem themselves.

Meanwhile, Sendrayan gets his hair straightened! His curly locks are straight and luscious, and they pull a prank. Amidst all this, Mumtaz starts crying while looking at Shariq because he reminds her of her nephew.

And their next task is assigned. With promos showing there’s more to what meets the eye, one can be assured that drama is just brewing but nothing serious in the cards. With a possible fight happening between estranged couple Nithya and Balajhie, one needs to wait and watch what tonight’s episode will hold.

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