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Bigg Boss Tamil 2: The Fights Have Begun!!

Janani and Mumtaz spar!

The fourth day at the Bigg Boss House was a little livelier than the last two days. Clearly being holed up in one house among so many strangers sans phones and books can get to people’s head. The promos for the episode focused on a tiff brewing between Janani and Mumtaz. And while the fight’s reason stems from something else, the episode focused on ties breaking between few contestants.

The contestants start with their luxury budget task. But the real highlight is what happens in the kitchen. Something about not putting onions in food results in Nithya and Mumtaz briefly clashing. Ananth Vaidyanathan tries to find out more about what happens between Nithya and Balajie and their past.

The entire episode, however, focuses on food and kitchen, about cooking, assigning duties, and trying to work together with each other’s quirks and dislikes. Nithya opens up about being part of the cooking team and why she isn’t comfortable with it. “You are cooking well but you are not confidently doing it and you aren’t sure about the quantity,” Janani tells Nithya. And then a clash happens between Mumtaz and Nithya, where the two are trying to talk. The real problem lies in communication and how they don’t let each other talk.

“Now when I tell you to do something as part of the cooking team captain, you weren’t ready and everybody else will suffer,” screams Mumtaz. Nithya, on the other hand, admits that she is facing connectivity issues. “Why can’t we discuss and do our? Discuss as a team,” she proclaims, but Mumtaz thinks Nithya doesn’t catch up.

Mumtaz talks about her joints hurting hence she can’t cook in the morning. Screaming that she isn’t a robot, things get awkward when she believes that Nithya blamed her. Janani intervenes and says that she is on Mumtaz’s side because she heard Mumtaz voice her concerns.

At the end, Mumtaz and Nithya hug it out. They talk it out at night and apologise to each other and believe they should talk to each other about their differences. Janani felt agitated by the day’s fight and Vaishnavi gives her a tlak stepping in as a captain.

While the housemates fight it out and resolve it at the end of the day, the upcoming days might show people losing their tempers further before it takes an ugly turn.

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