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Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Tasks, Drama, And Fights, Here’s What We Think Will Happen On Tonight’s Episode!

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The promos of tonight’s episode already show that we have a lot to look forward to. There’s drama, much like last few episodes, but it’s expected to get nastier. The first promo showed what everyone looks like doing the task. Needless to say, everyone’s behaving toddlers and it’s sort of strange to watch them prancing around in adult diapers and bibs. Even someone like Mumtaz looks too into the task, so rest assured, the show will begin on a fun note.


The second promo shows that Mumtaz and Nithya are yet again at loggerheads, with Nithya getting frustrated with something that Mumtaz does and vice versa. The video doesn’t reveal much so for all you know, it could end up being a damp squib just like the way the last promos had been with respect to them fighting. Much like last time, they might just make up and get back together. And amidst all this, we catch a glimpse of the estranged couple sharing a moment. Balajhie tries to act cute with her while she’s working, and she’s not having it. Her expression says it all.

The final promo shows that the women of the house aren’t too fond of Nithya. Most think that contrary to the other popular contestants, Nithya enjoys the “pleasure” of being a celebrity’s wife. There’s more to Nithya and we know it, but her identity in the house is always associated with Balajhie and the housemates are clearly working towards getting them back together.

The weekend holds an elimination round, too, so tonight’s episode could give us a clue as to who will be well liked and who won’t. Until then, it’s all about sitting back and watching the show.

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