Bigg Boss Tamil 2: One Week Later, The Drama Intensifies

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It’s been one week since Bigg Boss Tamil second season started and the drama has intensified in places. But if you were to compare last season to this season, it’s easy to see that this new set of contestants are a lot less dramatic compared to last season’s. This season has a motley crew of contestants, some controversial, some lively. But as for drama, it’s toned down significantly, sticking to food-related fights.

The weekend had Kamal Haasan interacting with the contestants, keeping it fun and light. From asking Daniel Annie Pope about nicknames to making Yashika and Aishwarya dance, everything’s been kept breezy for viewers. In fact, Sunday’s episode had no eviction, much to the contestants’ delight, and had Kamal even crooning a song and uttering dialogues from his film.

There was also a brief moment where voice expert Ananth Vaidyanathan was upset with Daniel. Daniel gave him the nickname ‘Bathroom Singer’ and Ananth did not take it too kindly. While he requested Bigg Boss to edit it out, it still remained and Ananth was far from amused. While he apologised profusely, it did get awkward for Daniel and hopefully, he shall think twice before making fun of personalities.

Viewers would have certainly predicted conflicts arising between estranged couple Balajie and Nithya. But while some tension appears to be simmering, the two are keeping it as civil as possible. The real drama involved food, often spearheaded by the cooking team captain Mumtaz. The bone of contention being onions and adding it to food, Nithya faced a barrage of hate when she refused to comply. Apart from Mamathi by her side, no one quite understood what she had been going through. Given the couple’s tumultuous past, it would be unfair to expect things to be fine between them. Plus as viewers, we are aware that their addition to the house is to create drama and increase in TRP ratings.

Apart from this, on Sunday, Kamal revealed that he will release the first single track of his film Vishwaroopam 2 next weekend on the show. The film, which is directed by Kamal Haasan, is slated to release on 10 August.

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