Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Mumtaz Feels Uncomfortable With Shaarik And Aishwarya’s Closeness!

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Last night’s episode on Bigg Boss Tamil 2 had the contestants continuing with their water task. And between all that, fights broke out as usual. While tempers have been flaring, a lot of unnecessary issues keep cropping up.

If there’s something that the contestants excel at, it’s blowing matters out of proportion. Like the way Mumtaz expressed her discomfort over Shaarik’s and Aishwarya Dutta’s closeness. Why? Because apparently them sitting together on the bed is not right.

The whole matter was blown up with Mumtaz telling Aishwarya that, with the latter even saying she won’t do it any further. Just to make it clear, everyone on the show is an adult and are fully capable of doing whatever they want to as long as it’s under their consent. So Mumtaz feeling uncomfortable with their proximity is her issue and something she will have to deal with instead of taking one of them aside and telling so.

Mumtaz also starts having problems with Daniel, saying that he’s not been doing his tasks well and that he is unnecessarily being loud. Soon enough, Mumtaz and Vaishnavi start talking about Daniel and how he is too difficult to handle.

But all’s well that ends well, with Mumtaz celebrating her birthday! A cake arrives and they all celebrate right before they go off to sleep.

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