Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Love Blossoms Between Nithya-Balajie, Mahat and Mumtaz Fight!!

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The third week of reality show Bigg Boss Tamil 2 has begun and things are beginning to look up while also getting more heated.

If today’s episode promos are anything to go by, estranged couple Balajie and Nithya are beginning to keep things more civil and cordial between them. The promos show Balajie feeding her while she’s doing a task and the two smiling at each other. Everybody in the house seems to be pleased by this, considering how volatile their relationship was last week.

Meanwhile, amidst them appearing to patch up, fights continue. Unsurprisingly, clash of opinions is a constant bone of contention between the contestants, this time Mahat and Mumtaz sparring with words. The two are clearly at loggerheads, with Mumtaz being adamant and Mahat being someone who can’t hold back.

Another fight that might be brewing is between Sendrayan and Vaishnavi. While it isn’t clear how and why, the two are seen sharing intense looks at each other, with Sendrayan appearing to lose his calm.

The tasks, too, get more fun and the housemates appear to be enjoying it either way. Let’s see what tonight’s episode holds!


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