Bigg Boss Tamil 2: It’s Started Getting Repetitive!

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Friday’s Bigg Boss Tamil episode felt repetitive. It’s something we have been watching for the last few days – Nithya and Mumtaz clashing, with Nithya being the cynosure of all eyes. Everyone’s been advising her and her estranged husband Balajhie about getting back together. Nobody, however, seems to notice the stress lines appearing fine on her face with all these unsolicited advice.

For the last few days, Nithya has been working in the kitchen and hasn’t been particularly enjoying it, what with Mumtaz commanding everything and the whole stress of feeding 16 people all together. On top of that, other contestants clearly aren’t too fond of her, with them exclaiming that since she’s a celebrity wife, she might just feel a tad insecure.

Apart from focusing on her and her broken marriage, the episode had very little to offer. The morning began with the typical routine and everybody preparing for a new day. Their task, too, was beyond silly but it’s a task and they get their points from there. Amidst all this, the bonding has started. Most are beginning to find Aishwarya Dutta a bit irritating what with her chicken cravings and broken Tamil. It’s nice that she’s found a friend in Yashika Anand, another contestant who’s struggling with Tamil.

On the other hand, contestant Mamathi Chari appears to be opening up and giving in her thoughts about the whole matchmaking between Nithya and Balajhie that people have been indulging in. We also witness her bonding with the quiet Shariq in the morning over workouts, so hopefully the upcoming episodes this contestant emerging as the dark horse.

Until then, eliminations is in the offing and the contestants nominated are trying to better themselves for the public. Let’s see who goes and who stays.

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