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Bigg Boss Tamil 2: It’s Mumtaz Vs Janani Now!

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Janani tries to confront Mumtaz about a tone she used. “After this, please don’t ever speak to me,” Mumtaz tells Janani, while the latter tries to tell her why she didn’t like the tone she used. Mumtaz is of the opinion that Janani is playing a dirty game and tells the same to Ramya NSK.

The team wakes up to a new day with the song ‘Kalasala’, but very few seem upbeat about the day. Janani tries to talk about Mumtaz to Mahat, right before everybody’s called to do a task.

Meanwhile, there’s some rift with Vaishnavi as the captain. Daniel is having issues with few of the contestants, but Balaji butts in and yells at them. Ananth Vaidyanath displays some good captaincy skills and advises Vaishnavi, but she doesn’t pay heed.

The team has another task to do with the pool and while they do it diligently, issues crop up and Balajie is not having it. Mahat uses his regular motto: “This is a game, free ya vidu.”

Mumtaz and Balajie spar over teams, and poor Rhythvika gets involved. It’s all related to the task and it gets heated further when Daniel and Mahat start yelling at each other, with Sendrayan trying to butt in. Janani pacifies him.

Overall, the episode was fairly a dull one. People are losing their cool for trivial things and amidst all this, people are trying to bond and forging new friendships. Vaishnavi and Mumtaz are bonding, Sendrayan and Janani are sort of getting close, and Rhythvika, as usual, is keeping quiet.

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