Bigg Boss Tamil 2: It’s Everybody Vs Nithya, With Love Blossoming Between Two Others!

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Bigg Boss Tamil 2’s promos for tonight’s episode are out and all of them keep getting repulsive. It’s evident that Balajie and Nithya are having issues but what’s worse is that she continues to get shamed and ridiculed by him, all because she refuses to get back with him. Clearly, it’s taking a toll on her because soon enough, her frustrations have started seeping in on the other contestants and now no one’s too fond of her.

Amidst all this, there’s a love angle blossoming in the show between Yashika and Mahat. At least that’s what the promos indicate, with Mahat even singing his own composition with the video showing Yashika in tears. While all this could be a smart trick in deceiving the audience towards watching the show, there’s no denying that the two definitely share a mild chemistry.

The promo mostly focuses on Nithya as the captain and the people being against her. At one point, there’s also Balajie lashing out at her in front of everybody and it’s rather embarrassing for the contestant.

Considering how the show has been banking on the estranged couple’s discord, it appears that the two are having issues mounting up by the day. The weekend will also include a contestant getting voted out.

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